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Who am I ?

Professional photographer, former fashion makeup artist and coach, during my career I have been able to adapt to all profiles. Passionate about my work, I appreciate the contact. Whether you are a novice or a photo model, I can adapt to you. The photo shoots are for me a way to create unique moments. During these sessions I guide you to obtain timeless photos. So whether you are comfortable in front of a goal or not, do not hesitate!

Course of a session

The session lasts between 2 h 00 and 2 h 30. It begins with a make-up in your image. It helps prevent reflections, make the skin more beautiful and make the face stand out in photographs.
The second step is the selection of outfits. It will be necessary to change outfits 3 to 4 times in order to have various shots.
Throughout the session I will give you advice on the choice of outfits (matching the colors of the clothes, choice of accessories, etc.) while listening to you.
I pay particular attention to the look, the expression of the face as well as the posture.

First session ?

From my experience in fashion I learned to accompany people to put them at ease and allow them to feel good. In a phototherapy process, I would help you to reconcile yourself with your image and to fully assume yourself in front of a goal.


Témoignages A propos


The photographer is a professional who knows what she is doing with many years of experience behind her. She knows how to put people at ease in front of the camera. In addition to her expertise, she is adorable and the shooting becomes a pure moment of pleasure.


Super photographer, I had a great time Very professional photographer I recommend.


Very attentive photographer, who puts you at ease in a bright and airy studio. With a little extra: her experience as a makeup artist that turns you into a stroke of the brush!


The photographer is great and caring. She is very professional and she is a good coach. I had a good time. I highly recommend her.


It was a first and she managed to put us at ease and make the session relaxed and enjoyable The rendering and top, we highly recommend!


Great moment with my daughter top makeup and the photographer and topissime really I loved the birthday gift for my daughter and a success

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